Five major uses of plastic hollow corrugated sheet
The Application for plastic hollow corrugated sheet
Five major uses of hollow sheets in the packaging industry
Application for plastic hollow corrugated sheet
1. Hollow board, mainly replacing corrugated board, wood board, metal board and other ideal environmentally friendly materials;

2, hollow board turnover box, parts turnover box, food turnover box, beverage turnover box, pesticide packaging box, precision instrument inner packaging, electronic component packaging pad, partition and transportation storage turnover box;

3, the industrial board, the protection of the outer packaging of various items, the pad, the shelf, the partition, the bottom plate, the cross plate, etc.;

4, electronic industry packaging. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic components, in order to avoid contact with other charged objects, causing spark damage caused by the friction of the parts. In addition, there are conductive, antistatic plastic plates, turnover boxes, etc.

5, advertising decoration: display cards, commodity identification plates, billboards, light boxes, window shapes and so on.

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