What raw material used for PP hollow corrugated sheet?

What raw material used for PP hollow corrugated sheet?

What raw material used for PP hollow corrugated sheet?
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We have made great secrets on the raw materials of plastic hollow sheets, raw polypropylene and hollow masterbatch of hollow sheets. Two types of polypropylene are required in the production of hollow sheets, one being copolymerizable polypropylene and the other being homopolymerized polypropylene.
raw material for PP hollow corrugated sheet
The characteristics of polypropylene are as follows
1. Polypropylene is a milky white wax, non-toxic, odorless, odorless, with a density of 0.90~0.91g/cm.

 2, polypropylene mechanical strength, rigidity and stress crack resistance is better than high-density polyethylene, good wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature impact resistance, good resistance to repeated folding.

 ,3, the chemical stability of polypropylene is better than strong oxidizing acids (such as fuming sulfuric acid, nitric acid), it has no effect on most chemicals; it is insoluble in water, hardly absorbs water, absorbs water in water for 24h. The sex is only 0.01%.

 4, excellent electrical insulation performance, good voltage and arc resistance.

  5,The transparency of polypropylene products is better than that of high density polyethylene products.

 6, the metal material has rust and the plastic does not.

 Therefore, the plastic material of the plastic hollow board has the characteristics of light weight, various colors, corrosion resistance, high specific strength, excellent electrical properties, easy processing and molding, etc. As a new material, the plastic hollow board is indispensable for the packaging logistics industry. It is a heavy component, and the current environmentally friendly products are highly respected by the state. Its development speed far exceeds that of other industries and has been ranked among the top.

 At present, the application field of hollow plates is gradually expanding, involving all aspects of the national economy, and even people's daily life, such as replacing wood, steel, aluminum, copper, ceramics, glass, leather, paper, etc. with plastic.

  Hope that more people know the raw materials of plastic hollow board, and understand it, so that they can use it with confidence and play its due product function.