Development trend of plastic hollow corrugated sheet Industry

Development trend of plastic hollow corrugated sheet Industry

Development trend of plastic hollow corrugated sheet  Industry
Plastic hollow corrugated board products trends
The development trend of plastic hollow board follows the high-speed development of the automobile industry, packaging industry and the whole industry. Plastic hollow board products are developed into various types, diversification, specialization and large-scale, and products have penetrated into automobiles, chemicals, food, logistics and agriculture. , fisheries, sports venues, military and many other areas. 
Plastic hollow corrugated board products trends
Hollow plate products are mainly the following development trend:

1, the use of the automobile industry
As skills improve, China's share of automotive plastics will gradually improve. Car with model guess, PE accounts for 7% or so, the primary use is to choose blow molding technology produced car fuel tank, ventilation pipe, guide plate and water tank and other kinds of storage tanks.

2. Logistics pallet
The towing tray is the consumable in the process of storage and transportation in modern logistics industry. The best strength and life of these trays are blow - molded hollow. Thus it can be seen that the hollow blow molding tray has great market potential.

3, IBC packaging drum
Over the years, IBC packaging drums have increased agility abroad. IBC bucket has the advantages of saving 30% of transportation space, low transportation cost, convenient lifting and so on. In recent years, it is also very agile to carry out in China. The prime competition for this commodity is the mall with 10L ~ 20L chemical drums.

4,Large industrial parts
Domestic hollow table board, medical bed board, military buoyancy box, stadium seats in the east and south China market to carry out agile, hollow products opened up a new category.

5,Plastic beer bottles
Glass beer bottle barrier good, but fragile, explosive, easy to break. In the domestic manufacturers have begun to produce, this will be an endless market.

6, chemical packaging drums still have safe shopping malls
With the development of chemical industry, the number of shopping malls with 10L ~ 20L chemical barrel packaging is still increasing by 10% ~ 20% every year.