What are the advantages of using pp material for hollow board?
What are the advantages of using pp material for hollow board?
PP hollow board is a kind of green environmental protection material, which is widely used abroad. In China, it gradually replaces some corrugated packaging materials, which has many advantages such as environmental protection, comfort, safety and beauty.
advantages of using pp material for hollow board
1. PP and polypropylene are transparent, light in quality and have good fluidity in injection molding. Water absorption less than 0.02%, chemical resistance to organic solvents, except strong medium such as concentrated nitric acid, high stability, high impact strength, good bending resistance, easy to form, shrinkage rate, strong temperature resistance and other characteristics.

2. Flat surface of PP material. Strong plasticity, after processing, it can be made into different colors and shapes, and it can be combined with various EPE, EVA, flapping and other materials through adhesion, painting or binding, with a large space for selection.

3. Strong ability to work under pressure. Good mechanical properties, aging resistance, resistance to twists and turns, tear resistance, can be made into a variety of plates, knife card, inside materials, packaging materials, turnover box, turnover basket, etc., easy to install, strong bearing capacity.

4. Recyclable. With non-toxic, no pollution and other advantages, green environmental protection, safe and tasteless, can be used repeatedly, long service life, defective products can be maintained, scrap recycling.

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