The corrugated sheet boxes PK carton box

The corrugated sheet boxes PK carton box

The  corrugated sheet boxes PK  carton box
The plastic corrugated sheet boxes PK carton boxes
Hollow board boxes replace carton boxes is already a sure thing.

The plastic corrugated plate is mainly used for replacing paper corrugated board, wood board, metal plate and the like, and it is an ideal environment-friendly material.

Compared with the paper corrugated board, the paper board  afraid of water,  afraid of the tide,  easy to decay, and the large part of the glass bottle is liquid, and the glass bottle is easy to be broken due to the poor shock-proof performance of the paper board during the transportation process, the paper board is not waterproof .Therefore, it is also  increase the cost, so that only one-time can be used, and the bottle holder of the corrugated plate can solve the problem of the paper board, and the glass bottle support can be repeatedly used and has long service life. After the damage, Qingdao Tongsan  Co-extrusion type plastic corrugated sheet making machine can use recycled material , not only has the environmental protection effect, but also reduces the cost.

Compared with plank: the plank toughness is poor, the price is high, in the packing process , the corner place is also easy to pierce the packing item.But hollow corrugated sheet bottle holder can be customized according to customer requirements of size, thickness, toughness, hardness of different specifications, if there is a need to edge sealing requirements, but also edge sealing, Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co.,ltd provides edge sealing technology, at present, there are less than dozens of manufacturers of edge sealing machine in China.

PP plastic polystyrene corrugated board is a new kind of plastic material, which is formed by high-temperature extrusion. A variety of  colors can be produced by adding a color master.

The former name of the hollow plate is because the upper and lower sides of the plate, there is a root support and connection in the middle, and a hollow between the standing root and the vertical root. The height of the vertical root determines the thickness of the plate, and the thickness of the hollow plate after molding is 2mm ≤ 10mm.

PP hollow board is a new type of environmental protection packaging material, which does not produce dust in the process of use, and has a long service life, which is more than 4 times of the service life of corrugated paperboard. It can be recycled and has the trend of gradually replacing the paper corrugated board, which is mainly reflected in the product packaging. In addition, because the PP hollow plate is light in quality, good toughness, flexible in size and low in relative cost, the PP hollow plate revolving box equipped with various accessories has the momentum of replacing the injection molding revolving box.

Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co.,ltd can provide all series of PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine,include the 1220mm pp corrugated sheet machine,1400mm pp grid sheet machine,1700mm pp hollow sheet machine,2100mm plastic corrugated sheet,2450mm pp two wall hollow corrugated sheet machine,the co-extruder PP hollow sheet production line.