How to solve the thickness tolerance for PP hollow board production

How to solve the thickness tolerance for PP hollow board production

How to solve the thickness tolerance for PP hollow board production
Thickness tolerance solution for PP hollow corrugated sheet production
PP hollow board manufacturers must do a good job in the quality of PP hollow board products, and it is necessary to go through continuous practice, continuous innovation, and constantly high production technology to do better products.PP hollow plates need to be strictly controlled in production, and each small error will have a great impact on product quality. Just like the production of pp hollow sheets, a thickness tolerance problem arises, which is a problem in production, but if it is not done well, it will seriously affect the product quality, so plastic hollow plate manufacturers need to find a good solution. Qingdao Tongsan as a professional manufacturer for the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine,our engineer have rich experience for the thickness tolerance solution for PP hollow corrugated sheet production
1. Strengthening the quality inspection of hollow board products At present, hollow board production enterprises have few perfect testing equipments. Most have not undergone rigorous factory inspections. Even the detection of the thickness tolerance is not carried out according to the specified inspection method, and some even use the subjective judgment of the eye to carry out the thickness classification. A regional testing center can be set up in a concentrated area of ​​hollow board production enterprises to provide convenience for each factory.

2, the establishment of quality constraints and supervision mechanism hollow board should be like other building materials to implement the permit system, in order to fundamentally put an end to poor quality products into the market.

3. It is technically not a problem to increase the number of turns of the hollow plate template. The current product does not meet this requirement. The key is to change the rubber type at will, change the hot pressing parameters, and not produce according to the correct process conditions. The production technology of some factories has not been introduced through formal channels, and production technicians have not undergone rigorous training. Each factory shall organize production in strict accordance with the best production process of hollow plates.

4. Solving the thickness tolerance of the hollow plate,Qingdao Tongsan the technical engineers  have 
mastered the extrusion amount of the extruder and the blowing amount of the mold according to the experience of many years, and can accurately adjust the gap of the fixed version and control it reasonably. The pressure of the tractor rubber roller. Due to the rationality and scientific design of the PP hollow board production line, engineers can easily operate and control flexibly in actual production. When the engineers of the same three install the test machine in the customer's project, they will guide the customer's engineers hand-handling and let them master the control skills.

5. Solution of surface quality Each factory should produce hollow plate templates of various grades according to the needs of users. If a wooden veneer can be placed on the surface of the hollow board as a panel, the bamboo mat marks can be basically eliminated, but the melamine resin film should be used as much as possible to increase the wear resistance and surface hardness, the integrity and the smoothness. For the panel used in the empty plate formwork in the steel frame, the paper film should be impregnated with modified melamine resin or alcohol-soluble phenolic resin. The number of sheets of impregnated paper can be determined according to the requirements of surface finish and flatness.