What should do if the plastic hollow sheet production in trouble?

What should do if the plastic hollow sheet production in trouble?

What should do if the plastic hollow sheet production  in trouble?
What should  do if the plastic hollow board production in trouble?
Everyone knows that every product is produced by a machine, so since it is a machine, there is a malfunction. Every time we encounter some faults, we need to deal with them. To deal with them, we need to analyze these faults, and the correct analysis can handle the faults well.

Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machine will tell you about some faults and failure analysis of plastic hollow board making machine in the production process.

 1. When the production of hollow plates is uneven, uneven, and there are pores, we need to carry out a list analysis, through induction, refinement and summarization, and then carry out some analysis and explanation of the causes and elimination steps and methods, and then summarize some solutions. And measures.

 2. When manufacturing plastic hollow board, how to adjust the process parameters and set the molding conditions, how to properly debug the mold and quickly eliminate various molding failures, these are some important technologies, so our hollow board manufacturers must master these technologies. .

 3. When troubleshooting, the process parameters must be adjusted item by item, and several production conditions cannot be changed at the same time. For example, it is forbidden to change a plurality of process parameters such as molding temperature, molding pressure or cavity structure.

   In general, the faults encountered in the production process of hollow plates must be carefully tested and checked. In order to effectively reduce these faults and increase the utilization rate of the machine.
As a manufacturer for plastic hollow sheet making machine , Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. continuously develops and improves new processes in order to ensure the good operation of the machine. Therefore, we strictly control the precision of the equipment and the excellentness of the materials in all aspects of the design and production of the machine. We know that high-quality machines are the guarantee for efficient production. In order for our machines to bring more profits to our customers, we must provide the highest quality machines for our customers.