Application of plastic hollow board in industrial packaging

Application of plastic hollow board in industrial packaging

Application of plastic hollow board in industrial packaging
Application of PP plastic hollow board in industrial packaging
PP plastic hollow board is widely used in industrial packaging because of its light weight, high strength, good cushioning performance, good weather resistance, environmentally friendly and recyclable. PP plastic hollow board industrial logistics turnover box product line is very rich, there are double-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer fixed turnover box, single-layer folding turnover box, supporting knife card pad, storage cage coaming and so on. According to the function, it can be divided into electronic turnover box, turnover box for automobile parts, and turnover box for logistics; it can meet the logistics turnover needs of various enterprises.

Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery Co.,ltd is a professional plastic extrusion machines manufacturer which has more than 22 years experience.Our company self-developed plastic hollow corrugated sheet extrusion line with the feature of excellent configuration, stable operation, high production efficiency  and best-selling at home and abroad.

The plastic hollow sheet is eco-firendly new material in the market. It can be ordered and manufactured by market requirement  with  different size and form,the container has been used in replacing the paper box and calcium plastic.

The hollow sheet is widely used in machinery,electron,appliance,food,advertising,interior decoration material,glass,agricultural product etc packing and transporting.

With the developing of e-commerce,the container is used largely more and more ,the logistics industry proposes high demand for the packing materials which are easier to use and transport,require simply technology and can be finished in short time.

Our hollow corrugated sheet making machine can produce the sheet with the width of 1220-2450mm and thickness of 1.5mm-12mm.We also can give the auxiliary machines for the plastic hollow sheet slit,printed,weld,bound etc.