How to cut the PP corrugated sheet in the shape for floading?
Die cutting machine for  cutting sheet into required shape for folding box
Die Cutting Machine is also called beer machine, cutting machine and CNC punching machine. It is mainly used for die cutting of some non-metallic materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided tape, electronics, mobile phone pads, etc. (full break, half break), indentation and bronzing operations, lamination, automatic waste discharge, die-cutting machine uses steel knife, metal mold, steel wire (or steel plate engraved template), exerts a certain pressure through the plate , the printed product or cardboard is cut into a certain shape. It is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing.

The die-cutting process is the most commonly used process for packaging printed matter. It is a combination of die-cutting knives according to the design requirements of the product to form a die-cutting plate. Under the action of pressure, the printed matter or other ring-shaped blanks are rolled into the desired shape or The forming process of the cut. The indentation process utilizes a crimping knife or a crimping die to press a line mark on the sheet by the action of pressure, or to bend and form the sheet at a predetermined position by using a rolling reel. Generally, the die-cutting indentation process is a process in which a die-cutting cutter and a crimping cutter are combined in the same template, and a die-cutting and indentation processing is simultaneously performed on the die-cutting machine, which is simply referred to as die-cutting. Process The main process of die-cutting indentation is: upper plate → adjust pressure → determine the rule → paste substrate auxiliary material → test die-cutting → formal die-cutting indentation → stripping → finished product winding or cutting into pieces → points package

Round die cutting machine
One roller is equivalent to the impression cylinder, and pressure is applied during die cutting; the other is a roller die. There are two types of drum cutters, wood and metal. The former is mainly die-cut thick corrugated cardboard. The latter has metal drum cutters processed by chemical etching or electronic engraving. It is mainly used for die-cutting of labels and trademarks. There is also a metal roller die cutter mainly used for medium and high-grade long-line products, in the form of press-cut or shear.

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