What are the properties of plastic hollow boards?
What are the properties of plastic hollow boards?
The PP hollow corrugated sheet can not only be designed according to the size, color and bearing capacity of the customer's requirements, but also achieves the most reasonable loading, multi-box overlap, effective use of the plant space, increase the storage capacity of the product, and has a lot of performance and advantage:

1. Long service life. Ordinary carton turnover is generally three times, while carton type hollow crate can be rotated more than 40 times.

2, Waterproof, moisture and dust. It can not only resist the corrosion of all kinds of bad weather, but also can be covered with curtains. The velcro design is used at the opening to open and close freely, and the sealing is strong, which effectively protects the product.

3. The hollow board box is widely used. It can be applied to various fields such as warehousing, logistics, packaging, transportation, etc., with more than 40 application industries. With the upgrading of automobiles and the continuous updating of parts and components; we design and manufacture different turnover boxes according to the market and the needs of customers. The product has the characteristics of fast design and strong characteristics, and deeply loves the praise of the auto parts manufacturers.

4, Styles and models are diverse, can be adapted. Commonly available are ordinary hollow board boxes, anti-static hollow board boxes, conductive hollow board boxes, flame-retardant hollow board boxes, thick board hollow board boxes, folded hollow board boxes, cardboard box-type hollow board boxes, and free between various styles. Match, free combination.

5, The surface is smooth and can be printed. Four sides can be screen printed with various patterns and LOGO, beautiful and beautiful and not easy to fade.

Finally, the hollow crate has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, light weight, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, recyclable, etc. Compared with traditional cardboard and wood, it has high social and economic value. Lightweight, environmentally friendly new green packaging materials

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