what is the raw material for making plastic corrugated sheet?(PP corrugated sheet material)
what is the raw material for making plastic corrugated sheet?(PP corrugated sheet material)
The main material of the plastic hollow board is polypropylene, which can be divided into three types: isotactic polypropylene (IPP), syndiotactic polypropylene (SPP), and random polypropylene (APP):

1, Isotactic polypropylene. The methyl group is cis- sterically on the same side of the carbon chain (above or below the plane). This regular structure is easy to crystallize.

2, Syndiotactic polypropylene. Methyl groups appear alternately on both sides of the carbon chain and are syndiotactic. This is also a regular structure that is easy to crystallize.

3. Atactic polypropylene. Methyl groups appear irregularly on both sides of the carbon chain, and crystallization is difficult due to poor structural regularity.
raw material for making plastic corrugated sheet
raw material for making plastic sheet
raw material for making plastic hollow sheet
In actual production for PP hollow corrugated board, in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, the plastic hollow board manufacturer will appropriately add some filler masterbatch and recycled materials for the raw material. The main component of the filler masterbatch is calcium carbonate, which can effectively reduce costs. The recycled pp hollow grid plate after the broken can be used directly. The pp hollow corrugated sheet making machine developed by Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is equipped with a special high-efficiency screw and a high-quality screen changer. Therefore, with a high proportion of filler masterbatch and recycled material , the surface of the PP grid plate can also be ensured to be smooth and vertical ribs are straight.
plastic hollow corrugated sheet machine
PP polypropylene resin is the lowest density of plastic which is a milky white high crystalline polymer, non-toxic, odorless, good mechanical and physical properties, rigidity, wear resistance, high hardness, heat resistance, no water absorption ,good insulation.

Polypropylene plastic products can be extruded, injection molding, hollow blow molding, welding and thermoforming or foam molding, or can be formed by mechanical processing, and the surface of the product can be electroplated.

The plastic hollow board is processed by pp hollow board extruder, which not only inherits all the advantages of polypropylene, but also enhances its dyeing, printing, and adhesion during processing. It can also add various antistatic materials and anti-wear during production. Fuel materials increase performance, making it more functional and rangeable

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