How to make plastic corrugated box?(plastic corrugated box making machines)
automatic corrugated box making machine price
automatic corrugated box making machine

1,Raw material perpare

The PP filler masterbatch granulating machine  for the raw material production.

The waste PP plastic sheet can be cutting into small chip to use directly,or the waste chip after granulating then for extruder.

The PP granules and filler masterbatch and coloe pigment can be mixing for the extruder.


2,PP hollow corrugated sheet production line


Tongsan professional for  plastic PP hollow corrugated sheet  making machine ,we can provide all series production line for the sheet width range from 1220mm to 2800mm ,the  corrugated sheet thickness range from 2-6mm or 7-12mm.


3,Plastic corrugated box making machine


Corona treatment machine for the surface treatment

In order to improve the surface tension of the hollow sheet surface, and thereby improve the printing ink fastness, the hollow corrugated sheet surface will under corona treatment, so that the surface produces micro-concave dense holes, plastic surface roughening, increase the surface activity.


box printer machine

The printing machine generally consists of a mechanism such as plate loading, ink coating, embossing, and paper feeding (including folding). It works by first making a plate and image to be printed on a printing press, then applying the ink to the place where the text and image are printed on the printing plate by hand or by a printing machine, and then directly or indirectly Printed on paper or other substrates (such as textiles, metal sheets, plastics, leather, wood, glass, and ceramics) to replicate the same print as the plate.



Die cutting machine for the shape of corrugated box,

The working principle of the die-cutting machine is to use a die-cutting knife, a steel knife, a metal mold, a steel wire (or a template carved from a steel plate), and apply a certain pressure through the plate to cut the printed product or the cardboard into a certain shape. If the entire print is pressed into a single graphic product, it is called die cutting; if the steel wire is used to press a mark on the printed product or leave a bent groove, it is called an indentation.


Welding machine or bookbind  edge sealing  machine


Plastic welding machines are used to weld thermoplastic engineering plastic sheets or products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polypropylene, and nylon. During operation, the plastic electrode is melted and melted, and the workpiece to be welded is fused and bonded. It is widely used in the welding and maintenance of plastic equipment, plastic floor laying, plastic pipe connection, plastic bottle sealing and so on.

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Details for the Plastic hollow corrugated board making machine
Plastic hollow corrugated board making machine
Plastic hollow corrugated board making machines
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