How to adjust the PP corrugated sheet printing and die cutting machine?

How to adjust the PP corrugated sheet printing and die cutting machine?

How to adjust the PP corrugated sheet printing and die cutting machine?
The automatic printing and die cutting machine running video
The PP corrugated sheet printing and shape cutting machine adjust process
1. According to the final product design drawing, find the corresponding die-cutting board and printing board, and fix the board on the corresponding roller. The die-cutting board and the printing board should be at the center distance.
2, adjust the center distance of the feed, feeding - printing plate - die cutting board should be in a straight line.
3. Adjust the feed roller gap and the printing roller gap. The feed roll gap was tested by using the same thickness of the product, and the print roll gap was tested by using a thickness of the article + a printed board of the same thickness.
4. Adjust the ink and turn on the ink. If the ink is too dark, it can be diluted with water.
5. Adjust the feed speed and the starting position of the printing roller.
6, boot, first try with a plate, adjust the roll pressure according to the test results (if the color is too light, reduce the gap of the roller), and adjust the position of each group of colors (contrast drawings, find a point comparison, measure distance And adjust the roller of the corresponding color). Pay attention to the direction of the roller when adjusting the position, do not transfer it.
7. After the printing group is adjusted, it is linked with the die-cut group. Take the material into the die-cut test, according to the test results, compare the design drawings, adjust the position and clearance
8. After the printing and die-cutting are adjusted, the conveyor and automatic stacking can be put down and the production can begin.
9, the normal production speed of this machine is about 80 / min.
10. If you only need to stop for 1-2 hours, you don't need to clean it, but keep the inking system open and cycle to avoid the ink from drying out. If you want to stop for a long time, you must clear the ink of the pipe and the ink of the template. Every time you clean the ink, you will waste about 500 plates of ink. It is recommended that the customer run it for a long time after starting up to avoid wasting ink.
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