PP hollow corrugated sheet quality inspection standards
PP hollow sheet quality inspection standers
Tongsan PP hollow sheet
Tongsan PP hollow sheets
1. Inspection item: appearance.
Use of gauges and equipment: None, Inspection standard: According to product or customer requirements, Judgment standard: Check for burrs, deformation, crushing and other conditions, Inspection method: Visually check the appearance.

2. Inspection items: size.
Use gauge equipment: vernier caliper, tape measure, inspection standard: According to the dimensions marked in the manufacturing order, inspection method: use vernier caliper or tape measure to check.

3. Inspection items: gloss.
Use of gauges and equipment: visual inspection, pc hollow board production line, inspection standard: according to customer requirements, judgment criteria: whether there is a rough and matte phenomenon on the board surface, hollow board production line, inspection method: visually check the appearance.

4. Inspection item: Anti-static test.
Use gauges and equipment: static electricity meter, hollow board production line for sale, inspection standard: according to the manufacturing order work order, judgment standard: 1 0 3-1 0 1 1, pp hollow board production line equipment, inspection method: use electrostatic tester.

5. Inspection item: Gram weight.
Use of gauges and equipment: electronic scales, inspection standards: according to manufacturing order work orders, determination criteria: weighing according to work order weight information, inspection method: use electronic scales to weigh.

Remarks: The appearance of normal hollow board materials should be free of bending, distortion, crush deformation, stains, scratches, rust, etc., and bundling, packaging must be intact, and labels must be complete
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