Tongsan service for PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine

Tongsan service for PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine

Tongsan service for PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
Tongsan service for PP hollow sheet making machine project
Pre-sale: customers can conduct various technical and business consultations with Tongsan company. Tongsan salers will provide relevant information for easy reference, and provide corresponding market prices, sales prices, and sales methods, so that customers can have a better understanding of the entire market .

On sale: After the contract between the two parties is signed,Tongsan can provide water, electricity, gas, and foundation installation drawings of the corresponding design equipment according to customer requirements and actual conditions, and provide a detailed purchase list and supporting manufacturers for customer reference. After the production of the equipment is completed, communicate with customers in advance to make an appointment to come to Tongsan to test the machine, and provide various conveniences.

After-sales: After the production equipment is qualified in Tongsan company's commissioning, the PP hollow sheet making machine arrives at the customer service. The commissioning personnel arrives at the site within the time required by the customer, and performs installation, commissioning, personnel training, and technical handover until the user can operate independently and produce qualified products Until now, we will serve the users again, and the service personnel must also arrive at the scene to provide services within the time required by the customer.

Formulation and technical support: All production equipment of Tongsan company provides production formulas for free, and the equipment is debugged according to this formula. Customers can consult any problems in the production process.
The Advantage of  Tongsan Plastic Corrugated Sheet Making Machine
1. Extruder: Specially designed screw, stable temperature control system to ensure plasticizing performance and extrusion efficiency. Tongsan PP hollow sheet making machine's outstanding advantages are high energy saving efficiency, the same output, motor power can be reduced by about 20%.

2. Mould: High-quality alloy die lip and adjustable choke block provide uniform pressure.

3. Vacuum setting table: The staggering of the heat convection system guarantees accurate setting and cooling. Special cooling setting design, the speed can reach 8M / min.

4. Electrical control system: adopts PLC control parameters and optimizes the operating characteristics.