What is the raw material of hollow PP plastic building template?
Material of Plastic Hollow construction building template
Plastic Hollow construction building template
Standard size
Recycled PP material
Plastic hollow construction building template making machine
Building formwork is a formwork and support formed by concrete pouring. It can be divided into building formwork, construction wood plywood, laminated board, multi-layer board, double-sided adhesive, double-sided coated building template, etc. according to the nature of the material.
Traditional formwork such as wood formwork and bamboo plywood have been popular in the market in the past. Not only have low utilization rates, high use costs, but also have a great impact on the environment!
In order to contribute to the green life of human beings, improve the conditions and materials of building construction, reduce building costs, protect the environment from the source, and reduce the amount of wood cut. We recommend the use of new hollow plastic building formwork, instead of high cost, high consumption and high pollution wood formwork, to fundamentally reduce tree felling.
The hollow plastic building formwork is neatly arranged according to the mechanical principle structure, which has stronger compression resistance and stronger formwork; both sides of the formwork have been treated at right angles and the thickness is increased, making construction more convenient. The hollow principle of the template makes the product more heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and has a small expansion coefficient.

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