Automatic PP hollow corrugated sheet die cutting machines
Automatic corrugated sheet die cutting machine running video
Automatic die-cutting machine is the key equipment for die-cutting indentation and cold pressing of various paper products such as carton, carton and trademark. Key parts, control systems and fasteners of automatic die-cutting machine are imported products. assembly. This ensures that the machine has stable pressure, accurate positioning, and good reliability. The automatic die cutting machine uses professional high-precision intermittent mechanism, pneumatic lock plate, pneumatic clutch, overload protector, scientific transmission mechanism, positioning system and high-speed paper feeding to achieve smooth paper feeding, accurate positioning, and neat receipt.
The application of microcomputer control and human-machine interface realizes the whole process automation of the whole machine, and displays various working conditions and troubleshooting methods through the interface.
The technical parameter of the automatic die cutting machine
full  automatic die cutting machine
automatic die cutting machine
[Main technical parameters of automatic die cutting machine]:
1. Die cutting method: flat pressing (moving down. Not moving up)
2.Maximum feed size 1060 × 760mm
3.Minimum paper feed size 450 × 360mm
4.Maximum die cutting size 1050 × 750mm
5.Minimum mouth size 6mm
6.Maximum die cutting pressure 250N / cm2
7.Processable paper cardboard 80g / m2-2000g / m2; corrugated paper up to 5mm thick
8.Die cutting accuracy ± 0.1mm
9.Maximum speed of machine: 7500 times / hour
10.Maximum height of paper feeding pile 1380mm
11.Maximum height of delivery paper pile 1160mm
12.Main motor power 11 KW
13.Total power 18 KW
14. Machine weight 14 tons
15. Overall dimensions (length, width, height) 4800 × 2100 × 2010mm (excluding pedals)
PP hollow corrugated sheet box making process
PP hollow corrugated sheet box making process

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