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introduction of tongsan plastic machinery company

Qingdao tongsan plastic machinery co., ltd. is located in the beautiful jiaozhou river, is a professional manufacturer of plastic extrusion equipment.The company gathers the national first-class scientific research talented person, specialized is engaged in the new plastic equipment amount research, the international high and new technology transformation, and cooperates with the scientific research instituteh achievement with the fastest speed, provides the high performance, the high technology molding machine high-quality goods for you.

Instructions for template installation and use

 template installation and use 1. Composite hollow building formwork is used to lay 13.5kg weight formwork on the intersecting surface, and 14kg weight formwork can be used for shear wall vertical formwork  2. Spacing of wooden frames1) wooden square spacing of intersecting plane: the wooden square spacing is determined according to the thickness of floor concrete2) wooden square spacing of shear wall: the height and thickness of the wooden square spacing wall are determined3) when no gap is left between the shear wall and the injection mold assembly, the bottom of the wall must be cubic4) beam bottom plate of this piece of wood must be put aside 15 stop, the wall board standing in the wood stop, so will not leak pulp and save the wall board material

Cost performance comparison table of various templates

Cost performance comparison table of various templates Template typeHollow plastic formworkOrdinary plastic templateBamboo templateAluminium alloy templateTake off the membranousSince the film offSince the film offPaint removerPaint removerThe weight ( kg/m2)8157.225poorrecycledrecycledunrecycledrecycledprocessingeasyeasydifficultdifficultUse costlowhighhighhigh turns 50-100 20-30 3-6 80-100 The company's new hollow plastic building template using imported polypropylene resin as the substrate, using an exclusive formula, adding toughening, strengthening, weather resistance, anti-aging, flame retardant and other chemical additives, high strength, small deformation, suitable for use under various conditions

Automatic PP hollow corrugated sheet die cutting machines

Automatic corrugated sheet die cutting machine running video Automatic die-cutting machine is the key equipment for die-cutting indentation and cold pressing of various paper products such as carton, carton and trademark. Key parts, control systems and fasteners of automatic die-cutting machine are imported products. assembly. This ensures that the machine has stable pressure, accurate positioning, and good reliability. The automatic die cutting machine uses professional high-precision intermittent mechanism, pneumatic lock plate, pneumatic clutch, overload protector, scientific transmission mechanism, positioning system and high-speed paper feeding to achieve smooth paper feeding, accurate positioning, and neat receipt.The application of microcomputer control and human-machine interface realizes the whole process automation of the whole machine, and displays various working conditions and troubleshooting methods through the interface. The technical parameter of the automatic die cutting machine [Main technical parameters of automatic die cutting machine]:1. Die cutting method: flat pressing (moving down. Not moving up)2.Maximum feed size 1060 × 760mm3.Minimum paper feed size 450 × 360mm4.Maximum die cutting size 1050 × 750mm5.Minimum mouth size 6mm6.Maximum die cutting pressure 250N / cm27.Processable paper cardboard 80g / m2-2000g / m2; corrugated paper up to 5mm thick8.Die cutting accuracy ± 0.1mm9.Maximum speed of machine: 7500 times / hour10.Maximum height of paper feeding pile 1380mm11.Maximum height of delivery paper pile 1160mm12.Main motor power 11 KW13.Total power 18 KW14. Machine weight 14 tons15. Overall dimensions (length, width, height) 4800 × 2100 × 2010mm (excluding pedals) PP hollow corrugated sheet box making process

Can I adjust the weight of PP box?

Can I adjust the weight of the pp box? According to the requirements of customer, our machine can make different weight of the sheet. the thickness of sheet is adjustable for 2-12mm thickness, and at the same thickness, the weight for the sheet can be adjusted by adjust the production speed to adjust the wall thickness.for example, when you make 4mm thickness, the adjustable weight is 600-1000gram per square meter.when you keep same extruder motor speed, you can reduce the weight by increase the haul off speed.but when the weight reduce, the loading capacity of the box will also reduce.so we suggest customer consider the weight and loading capacity together.

how to design the vegetable packing box?

How to design the vegetable packing box  we need make 5 round holes for bottom of vegetable packing box for ventilation,and the side square holes for stacking box one by one.and the side Oval hole is for easy moving the box by hand lifting.

What is the raw material of hollow PP plastic building template?

Material of Plastic Hollow construction building template Product Plastic Hollow construction building template Standard size 1830*915*16mm Material Recycled PP material Weight 14.5kg/pcs Machine Plastic hollow construction building template making machine Machine details: https://www.plasticcorrugatedsheetmachine.com/pid18253524/915mm-Plastic-PP-hollow-construction-formwork-making-machine.htm  Building formwork is a formwork and support formed by concrete pouring. It can be divided into building formwork, construction wood plywood, laminated board, multi-layer board, double-sided adhesive, double-sided coated building template, etc. according to the nature of the material. Traditional formwork such as wood formwork and bamboo plywood have been popular in the market in the past. Not only have low utilization rates, high use costs, but also have a great impact on the environment! In order to contribute to the green life of human beings, improve the conditions and materials of building construction, reduce building costs, protect the environment from the source, and reduce the amount of wood cut. We recommend the use of new hollow plastic building formwork, instead of high cost, high consumption and high pollution wood formwork, to fundamentally reduce tree felling. The hollow plastic building formwork is neatly arranged according to the mechanical principle structure, which has stronger compression resistance and stronger formwork; both sides of the formwork have been treated at right angles and the thickness is increased, making construction more convenient. The hollow principle of the template makes the product more heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and has a small expansion coefficient.

What is the advantage of PP plastic hollow construction formwork

Advantage of PP hollow construction formwork 1. High economic benefits and low average cost: a new set of hollow plastic templates can be reused more than 50-100 times, the turnover rate is several times or even ten times that of high-quality wood templates, and the average cost is low. 1. Convenient, simple and efficient construction: The new hollow plastic formwork system is easy to match the molds, and can be dismantled manually without the help of mechanical equipment (only a wrench or a small hammer is required, and the labor intensity is low). The system design is simple and the workers can speed up, Quickly flip templates. Skilled installers can install 50-75 square meters per person per day, which greatly saves labor costs (compared with steel molds: only 50% of steel mold installers are required, no skilled workers are needed, only Construction workers do some simple training before installation). 3. The surface of the concrete is good after demoulding, which reduces the overall cost: After the new hollow plastic formwork is used, the quality of the concrete surface is smooth and smooth, which can meet the requirements of fresh concrete. No plastering (or thin plastering) is needed, which can save plastering costs. . At the same time, the workload of masonry, chiseling, closing and wet operations is reduced, the degree of civilization is high, and the overall cost is greatly reduced. 4. Reduce the use of large equipment: The new hollow plastic formwork uses trucks only when entering and leaving the site. It can be transported manually without the cooperation of cranes and tower cranes, which improves the overall production efficiency of the project, reduces potential safety hazards, does not rust, and has no potential fire hazards. 5. Low carbon emission reduction and high recycling value: The new hollow plastic template is recyclable and can be reused. After dismantling, there is no garbage on the site (no formwork joints, no leakage), the construction environment is safe, clean, and meets the requirements of building energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon, and environmental protection. After the template is discarded, when the residual value of the waste treatment is high, the cost sharing advantage is obvious (the recovery rate is about 30% -50%). 6. Standards and strong universality: The new plastic formwork can be customized to the required type, shape and specifications according to the requirements of the construction project to meet the needs of various buildings. Even standard boards can be cut at any time. cut. With the spread of the advantages of new hollow plastic formwork, more and more construction sites have begun to choose this new type of building material product for building construction. The commercial value of hollow plastic formwork is irreplaceable!

Tongsan service for PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine

Tongsan service for PP hollow sheet making machine project Pre-sale: customers can conduct various technical and business consultations with Tongsan company. Tongsan salers will provide relevant information for easy reference, and provide corresponding market prices, sales prices, and sales methods, so that customers can have a better understanding of the entire market .On sale: After the contract between the two parties is signed,Tongsan can provide water, electricity, gas, and foundation installation drawings of the corresponding design equipment according to customer requirements and actual conditions, and provide a detailed purchase list and supporting manufacturers for customer reference. After the production of the equipment is completed, communicate with customers in advance to make an appointment to come to Tongsan to test the machine, and provide various conveniences.After-sales: After the production equipment is qualified in Tongsan company's commissioning, the PP hollow sheet making machine arrives at the customer service. The commissioning personnel arrives at the site within the time required by the customer, and performs installation, commissioning, personnel training, and technical handover until the user can operate independently and produce qualified products Until now, we will serve the users again, and the service personnel must also arrive at the scene to provide services within the time required by the customer.Formulation and technical support: All production equipment of Tongsan company provides production formulas for free, and the equipment is debugged according to this formula. Customers can consult any problems in the production process. The Advantage of  Tongsan Plastic Corrugated Sheet Making Machine 1. Extruder: Specially designed screw, stable temperature control system to ensure plasticizing performance and extrusion efficiency. Tongsan PP hollow sheet making machine's outstanding advantages are high energy saving efficiency, the same output, motor power can be reduced by about 20%.2. Mould: High-quality alloy die lip and adjustable choke block provide uniform pressure.3. Vacuum setting table: The staggering of the heat convection system guarantees accurate setting and cooling. Special cooling setting design, the speed can reach 8M / min.4. Electrical control system: adopts PLC control parameters and optimizes the operating characteristics.

PP hollow corrugated sheet quality inspection standards

PP hollow sheet quality inspection standers 1. Inspection item: appearance. Use of gauges and equipment: None, Inspection standard: According to product or customer requirements, Judgment standard: Check for burrs, deformation, crushing and other conditions, Inspection method: Visually check the appearance.2. Inspection items: size. Use gauge equipment: vernier caliper, tape measure, inspection standard: According to the dimensions marked in the manufacturing order, inspection method: use vernier caliper or tape measure to check.3. Inspection items: gloss. Use of gauges and equipment: visual inspection, pc hollow board production line, inspection standard: according to customer requirements, judgment criteria: whether there is a rough and matte phenomenon on the board surface, hollow board production line, inspection method: visually check the appearance.4. Inspection item: Anti-static test. Use gauges and equipment: static electricity meter, hollow board production line for sale, inspection standard: according to the manufacturing order work order, judgment standard: 1 0 3-1 0 1 1, pp hollow board production line equipment, inspection method: use electrostatic tester.5. Inspection item: Gram weight. Use of gauges and equipment: electronic scales, inspection standards: according to manufacturing order work orders, determination criteria: weighing according to work order weight information, inspection method: use electronic scales to weigh.Remarks: The appearance of normal hollow board materials should be free of bending, distortion, crush deformation, stains, scratches, rust, etc., and bundling, packaging must be intact, and labels must be complete.发送反馈 Tongsan service for PP hollow sheet box production line Qingdao Tongsan is a professional manufacturer for corrugated sheet making machine,we can provide the turnkey project from raw material making to PP hollow sheet making machine,from sheet printer to box shape die cutting,warmly welcome visit our factory for machine running and more cooperate, Qingdao Tongsan PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine workshop Some details of the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine

How to mixer PP hollow sheet raw materials ?

Centralized feeding system for PP hollow corrugated sheet machine The centralized feeding system can automatically weigh and accurately mix raw materials, saving manpower and improving production efficiency.We can customized the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine according customer rewuirments.We always put the quality first and improve our machines .Our hollow sheet machine have sold to  Mexico, Iran, Dominica, Ecuador, Sri Lanka, etc. Our PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine workshop The main machine for the  pp hollow sheet box making machine The box case made by our pp hollow corrugated sheet machine

Application of PP hollow sheet---Advertising Board

Sri Lanka customer use the PP hollow sheet as advertising board Our Sri Lanka customer buy our PP hollow sheet making machine in Auguest and now the machine running well in customer's factory.Our customer mainly use the PP hollow sheet for advertising printing board.Our customer is very satisfaction with our machines.PP hollow corrugsted sheet  widely used in advertising version, which has the following advantages:1. Light weight and easy to install.2. Low raw material cost3. Easy to print for different color4, recyclable, high reusability The PP Hollow  Advertising Printing Board making process The raw material mixer Our special design screw make it possible to use more recycled material for the extruder,which can reduce the raw material cost. Single screw extruder for the pp hollow sheet making We now have all series production line,for the sheet width range from 1220mm to 2800mm,and the co-extrusion type for each model. PP hollow corrugated sheet production line We updats our machines quality,which is more better than Taiwan machines,Many customer choose our machines give high praise of the quality of our machines. Silk screen printing machine We offer the auxiliary machines for the PP hollow sheet printing,the silk screen printing machine can get good color effect. Tongsan PP hollow sheet machine in Sri Lanka customer's factory Our Engineer in customer factory for onstallation and commissioning The engineer in customer factory operator the PP hollow sheet machine PP hollow sheet machine running well is customer factory Customer give high praise of our machine for high quality

Application of the PP hollow sheet for packing box

Application of PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine--Fruit packing box Tongsan provide the turnkey project from the PP hollow sheet making to plastic box making,our machines with high quality and we provide best service for you.Warmly welcome to visit our factory for machine running,more details please contact my whatsapp:0086 15063923327. Automatic printing and die cutting machine It used for the printing of the PP hollow corrugated sheet ,and can automatic cutting the sheet into box shape,The production speed is higher. Silk screen printing machine It used to printing  different color on the surface of the PP hollow corrugated sheet,and it adopt the online heating oven for drying the sheet. The PP hollow sheet after printing can cutting PP hollow sheet with printing PP hollow sheet after printing PP hollow printing sheet PP hollow sheet after cutting PP hollow sheet box shape cutting hollow sheet box die cuuting The final box sample Tomatoes packing box Okra packing box vegetables  packing box Fruit packing box PP hollow sheet packing box High quality packing box

PP hollow board turnover box application of fruit transportation

PP hollow board turnover box application of fruit transportation Fruits are very important in transportation. If they are not packed properly, they will affect the appearance of the fruit and may cause the fruit to rot or not be fresh. Therefore, fruits are very important in transportation. , It can play a very good role in protecting fruits. Especially some perishable fruits, such as grapes. The hollow board turnover box is non-supply, odorless, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, light-weight, durable, stackable, gorgeous in appearance, rich in color, pure, recyclable, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free. These characteristics are enough to allow us to choose a hollow board turnover The box is packed for fruit.  When the fruit is transported in a hollow board turnover box, you must also learn some packaging methods for the fruit.Fresh-keeping bags can be used for fresh-keeping of fruits. After the fruits are pre-cooled, they are packed in baskets and sealed tightly.  There are many ways to keep fruits fresh during transport. The main thing is to keep the fruit fresh. Keep fresh in all aspects. Customer case for PP hollow corrugated sheet box Tongsan customer with high quality PP hollow corrugated sheet production line Iran customer Dominica customer Sri Lanka customer Mexico customer Sri Lanka customer Iran customer Sri Lanka customer Sri Lanka customer Our series of plastic corrugated sheet machine