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plastic corrugated sheet raw material FAQ
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plastic corrugated sheet raw material FAQ

What is the raw material of hollow PP plastic building template?

Material of Plastic Hollow construction building template Product Plastic Hollow construction building template Standard size 1830*915*16mm Material Recycled PP material Weight 14.5kg/pcs Machine Plastic hollow construction building template making machine Machine details:  Building formwork is a formwork and support formed by concrete pouring. It can be divided into building formwork, construction wood plywood, laminated board, multi-layer board, double-sided adhesive, double-sided coated building template, etc. according to the nature of the material. Traditional formwork such as wood formwork and bamboo plywood have been popular in the market in the past. Not only have low utilization rates, high use costs, but also have a great impact on the environment! In order to contribute to the green life of human beings, improve the conditions and materials of building construction, reduce building costs, protect the environment from the source, and reduce the amount of wood cut. We recommend the use of new hollow plastic building formwork, instead of high cost, high consumption and high pollution wood formwork, to fundamentally reduce tree felling. The hollow plastic building formwork is neatly arranged according to the mechanical principle structure, which has stronger compression resistance and stronger formwork; both sides of the formwork have been treated at right angles and the thickness is increased, making construction more convenient. The hollow principle of the template makes the product more heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and has a small expansion coefficient.

What is the best ratio of filled masterbatch for PP hollow corrugated sheet raw material?

The best ratio of filled masterbatch of PP hollow corrugated sheet raw material In actual production, in order to reduce the fluidity of PP and reduce the cost, each manufacturer will add different proportions of filler masterbatch in the raw materials. In the end, what percentage of the filler wood is added is the best? It depends on the quality and cost of the final PP hollow corrugated sheet products.Adding 10%-20% filler masterbatch, PP hollow grid plate will have very good toughness, high transparency and the surface is smooth like a mirror .However, due to the viscosity and fluidity of the PP raw material itself, professional engineers are required to adjust the gas volume and vacuum in order to ensure the quality of the product.Adding 30%-40% filler masterbatch, PP hollow grid plate has medium toughness, and the transparency of the product is general and the surface is smooth. At this time, the filler masterbatch reduces the viscosity and fluidity of the raw materials, which is convenient for engineers to operate better.Adding 50%-60% filler masterbatch can reduce the cost. The PP hollow  sheet products has reduced toughness and reduced transparency. However, in order to achieve a good looking effect, some auxiliary materials can be appropriately added to improve the toughness and transparency of the PP hollow corrugated sheet.1111MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 磅Normal0 Two type of PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine 1111MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8 磅Normal0 Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co.,;td have been develop the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine since 2015,now we have the machines for the PP hollow grid plate  width from 1220mm to 2450mm and thickness from 1.5mm to 12mm. Co-extrusion PP hollow corrugated sheet machine Tongsan also have the co-extrusion type for customer choose,so our customer can product the cost competitiveness sheet with goog quality.Our machine have the advantage of high output,easy operation,high precision,good products with smooth surface straight rib.

what is the raw material for making plastic corrugated sheet?(PP corrugated sheet material)

what is the raw material for making plastic corrugated sheet?(PP corrugated sheet material) The main material of the plastic hollow board is polypropylene, which can be divided into three types: isotactic polypropylene (IPP), syndiotactic polypropylene (SPP), and random polypropylene (APP):1, Isotactic polypropylene. The methyl group is cis- sterically on the same side of the carbon chain (above or below the plane). This regular structure is easy to crystallize.2, Syndiotactic polypropylene. Methyl groups appear alternately on both sides of the carbon chain and are syndiotactic. This is also a regular structure that is easy to crystallize.3. Atactic polypropylene. Methyl groups appear irregularly on both sides of the carbon chain, and crystallization is difficult due to poor structural regularity. In actual production for PP hollow corrugated board, in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, the plastic hollow board manufacturer will appropriately add some filler masterbatch and recycled materials for the raw material. The main component of the filler masterbatch is calcium carbonate, which can effectively reduce costs. The recycled pp hollow grid plate after the broken can be used directly. The pp hollow corrugated sheet making machine developed by Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is equipped with a special high-efficiency screw and a high-quality screen changer. Therefore, with a high proportion of filler masterbatch and recycled material , the surface of the PP grid plate can also be ensured to be smooth and vertical ribs are straight. PP polypropylene resin is the lowest density of plastic which is a milky white high crystalline polymer, non-toxic, odorless, good mechanical and physical properties, rigidity, wear resistance, high hardness, heat resistance, no water absorption ,good insulation.Polypropylene plastic products can be extruded, injection molding, hollow blow molding, welding and thermoforming or foam molding, or can be formed by mechanical processing, and the surface of the product can be electroplated. The plastic hollow board is processed by pp hollow board extruder, which not only inherits all the advantages of polypropylene, but also enhances its dyeing, printing, and adhesion during processing. It can also add various antistatic materials and anti-wear during production. Fuel materials increase performance, making it more functional and rangeable

Introduction of Plastic hollow corrugated sheet flame retardant materials

Introduction of hollow corrugated sheet flame retardant materials The hollow board is a new type of material that is light in weight, non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, flame retardant, corrosion resistant and rich in color. Compared with injection molding products, hollow plates can be flexibly designed and directly extruded, without the need to open injection molds. Do you know the flame retardant material of the hollow board? The hollow board is mainly made of two materials, one is made of environmentally friendly and pollution-free recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) and various excipients, and the other is made of a polycarbonate (PC) hollow board, which is high performance. Engineering plastic PC resin processing, which is mostly PP hollow board, however PP is a very flammable material, the limiting oxygen index is only 17.5, the char forming rate is almost 0, easy to melt and drip, due to electronic appliances, In the construction industry and other industries, the requirements for flame retardant are getting higher and higher, so the flame retardant of PP hollow board is very necessary.The flame retardant of PP hollow board can be classified into halogen-free flame retardant, halogen-free flame retardant and low halogen flame retardant according to the content of halogen (halogen including fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, antimony).

What raw material used for PP hollow corrugated sheet?

This is a title We have made great secrets on the raw materials of plastic hollow sheets, raw polypropylene and hollow masterbatch of hollow sheets. Two types of polypropylene are required in the production of hollow sheets, one being copolymerizable polypropylene and the other being homopolymerized polypropylene.     The characteristics of polypropylene are as follows1. Polypropylene is a milky white wax, non-toxic, odorless, odorless, with a density of 0.90~0.91g/cm. 2, polypropylene mechanical strength, rigidity and stress crack resistance is better than high-density polyethylene, good wear resistance, high hardness, high temperature impact resistance, good resistance to repeated folding. ,3, the chemical stability of polypropylene is better than strong oxidizing acids (such as fuming sulfuric acid, nitric acid), it has no effect on most chemicals; it is insoluble in water, hardly absorbs water, absorbs water in water for 24h. The sex is only 0.01%. 4, excellent electrical insulation performance, good voltage and arc resistance.  5,The transparency of polypropylene products is better than that of high density polyethylene products. 6, the metal material has rust and the plastic does not. Therefore, the plastic material of the plastic hollow board has the characteristics of light weight, various colors, corrosion resistance, high specific strength, excellent electrical properties, easy processing and molding, etc. As a new material, the plastic hollow board is indispensable for the packaging logistics industry. It is a heavy component, and the current environmentally friendly products are highly respected by the state. Its development speed far exceeds that of other industries and has been ranked among the top. At present, the application field of hollow plates is gradually expanding, involving all aspects of the national economy, and even people's daily life, such as replacing wood, steel, aluminum, copper, ceramics, glass, leather, paper, etc. with plastic.  Hope that more people know the raw materials of plastic hollow board, and understand it, so that they can use it with confidence and play its due product function.