Qingdao Tongsan in 15th International 3P Plas, Print, Pack Exhibition  in Lahore

Qingdao Tongsan in 15th International 3P Plas, Print, Pack Exhibition  in Lahore


Our company (Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co., LTD.) will participate in the 3P Plas, Print, Pack 2019.

The exhibition will be held from 22nd to 24th March, 2019.Our booth bumber is Hall2-180 .

Qingdao Tongsan in 15th International 3P Plas, Print, Pack Exhibition in Lahore

Our company (Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co., LTD./) will participate in the 3P Plas, Print, Pack 2019.

The exhibition will be held  from 22nd to 24th March, 2019.
Our booth bumber is Hall2-180 .

The 15th International 3P Plas, Print, Pack Exhibition & Conference will he held at Lahore Expo Center.ADD:Main Exhibition Halls,1A Abdul Haque Rd,Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town,Lahore,Punjab.
Welcome to our booth.We will always provide good quality machines and best service .

Qingdao Tongsan in Lahore
The 15th Pakistan International Plastics Printing and Packaging Exhibition was held at the Lahore Expo Center on March 22-24, 2019. The exhibition was hosted by FAKT Exhibitions, and the global exhibitors will be in the same period with Pakistan Plastics, Printing, Packaging Association and Enterprises. On-site communication. The exhibition is held once a year and has been successfully held for 14 times. It is an important professional exhibition of plastics, printing, packaging equipment technology and food technology in Pakistan.

In 2018, Pakistan Plastics and Packaging Exhibition covers an area of ​​about 9,000 square meters, attracting nearly 250 exhibitors from 22 countries, from Austria, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, India, Oman, Italy, Japan, Malaysia. , Taiwan, Singapore, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Thailand, New Zealand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and other countries. During the exhibition, about 12,000 professional visitors from 30 different countries came to the exhibition site to conduct business negotiations with exhibitors.

In 2019, the 3P exhibition in Pakistan will showcase machinery, equipment and technology through the 10,000 square meter exhibition area. The exhibition will attract more than 13,000 spectators from relevant industries through extensive publicity at home and abroad and strong support from trade organizations. The conference held at the same time of the exhibition brought together industry procurement decision makers to discuss industry technology development trends.