Tongsan Ultrasonic welding machine for PP corrugated sheet box

Group Plastic hollow sheet box making auxiliary machine
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Update Time 2020-09-24
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ModelUltrasonic welding machine
Machinery speed(Nail/min)350
Finalize the design180
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Ultrasonic welding machine for PP corrugated sheet box

There are many types of welding machines, such as single point single function, single point double function, single point multifunction (the welding machine also has only one welding head, and can change the position of the positioning plate to be between 90° and 180° angle. Angle of welding). There are also two, three, four or even six-point welders and four-corner welders. Different types of welding machines have different welding functions and working efficiencies. Ultrasonic welding machines are suitable for the production of PP hollow lattice boxes.Ultrasonic welding machine used for folding the PP hollow sheet into required box shape, welding machine and bookbinding machine both can work for it.

Welding machines are mainly divided into two types: plastic welding machines and metal welding machines. The technologies applied are: ultrasonic, high frequency, plasma, electrothermal, rotary, etc.
Among them, the plastic welding machine is used for welding thermoplastic engineering plastic sheets or products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polypropylene and nylon. During operation, the plastic electrode is melted and melted, and the workpiece to be welded is fused and bonded. It is widely used in the welding and maintenance of plastic equipment, plastic floor laying, plastic pipe connection, plastic bottle sealing and so on.

Overview for welding machine 

It is suitable for sealing welding of O, D and U type guardrail pipe plugs of 18, 26, 30, 50, 80, 100, etc. It does not need glue bonding, achieves watertightness and has beautiful appearance, easy operation, high production efficiency and poor performance. Low rate and other characteristics.

Ultrasonic welding machine for PP corrugated sheet box
Ultrasonic welding machine for PP corrugated sheet box
Ultrasonic welding machine for PP corrugated sheet box
Ultrasonic welding machine for PP corrugated sheet box

Basic principles and characteristics

15KHZ high-voltage, high-frequency electric signal is generated by ultrasonic generator, converted into mechanical oscillation of the same frequency through the piezoelectric inverse effect of the transducer, plastic guardrail tube sealing machine, LED guardrail tube welding machine, guardrail tube welding equipment, guardrail The two-head sealing welder acts on the plastic workpiece in the form of audio longitudinal waves. The temperature transmitted to the interface is increased by the friction between the surface of the workpiece and the intrinsic molecules. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the workpiece interface melts rapidly. Then, the gap is filled in the interface, and when the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under a certain pressure at the same time to achieve perfect welding.

Suitable for the welding of plastic products, according to its output power is divided into 900W plastic welding machine, 2600W plastic welding machine, 3200W plastic welding machine, 4200W plastic welding machine, 5600W plastic welding machine.

Method of operation
The operator puts the lamp into the fixture, presses the start button, and the two compression cylinders descend to position the workpiece in the ultrasonic cavity, and then the ultrasonic welding head activates the ultrasonic wave, and the welding head welds the workpiece and the cylinder is driven. The upper mold is reset, the compression cylinder is raised, and the operator takes out the workpiece to complete one operation.