2100mm PP Polypropylene hollow corrugated sheet machine with co-extruder

Group PP PE PC Plastic Hollow Sheet Extrusion Machine
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-11-22
Item specifics
Sheet width2100mm
sheet thickness2mm-6mm
Main extruderSJMS120
Total power480kw*60%
Production speed0.3-6m/min
Production capacity350-400kg/h
BrandQingdao Tongsan
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Why choose the coextrusion series of PP hollow corrugating machine?
The Qingdao Tongsan coextrusion series uses two single screws as raw material extruders. The main extruder is mainly used for intermediate materials, and the co-extruder is used for surface materials. The extruder and mold are shrunk by the mold dealer, controlling the ratio of extrusion to the two extruders. Therefore, the PP hollow corrugated board can be of the A + B or A + B + A type.
The main extruder can use recycled PP and fillers, and the surface co-extruder only needs to use new PP raw materials, so it is easy to maintain the smooth surface of the PP hollow corrugated board.
Regarding the cost, the cost can be easily reduced by using a co-extruder PP hollow board manufacturing machine.

Therefore, in order to maintain product quality and increase the competitive advantage of product repricing, it is a good choice to increase competitive advantage in product repricing.

Let's work together for the PP hollow corrugated sheet machine project
Our PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine workshop and team

1, Our advantage
A.22 years manufacturer for plastic extruder machines,
B.50 professional engineer 

C,5Q Strict quality control with CE
D.20+ years Professional Foreign Trade Service

E,Free machine running

F,Turnkey project service


2,Quality is Our Culture

Since 1997,Qingdao Tongsan has been focusing on plastic extrusion machines .Now have the corrugated pipe machine serious,plastic hollow sheet machines,plastic pipe serious,plastic sheet serious.Our professional engineer always committed to the improvement of machine quality


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5,Pursuit of Excellence

Devoting to the research,development and production of various plastic extrusion machines.It is always making innovations and keeping up with the times.


2100mm co-extrusion PP hollow grid sheet equipment machine details
Qingdao Tongsan was found in 1997,is a professional manufacturer for plastic extruder machines.And we have study the plastic hollow corrugated sheet making machine since 2014.Now we have all series production line,
such as the 1400 type,1700type,2300type,2600type and the co-extrusion series.

Electrical cabinet for PP sheet machine
Electrical cabinet

Our hollow corrugated sheet making machine can produce the sheet with the width of 1220-2450mm and thickness of 1.5mm-12mm.

CO-extruder for PP sheet machine
CO-extruder for PP sheet machine

The specially designed screw and the advanced controlling system ensure excellent plasticization,high output and stable extruding.We have the co-extrusion type to use the recycled plastic to reduce the cost with high quality products.

Die mould and screen changer for PP sheet machine
Die mould and screen changer

Mould adopts high-quality alloy steel and throttling device to ensure even pressure of feed influent at the mould lips,and also differential action of up-down piece guarantee even thickness of the plate.

Calibrator plate for PP corrugated sheet machine
Calibrator plate
Vacuum system composes two independent subsystems and each is equipped with several fixed circulating vacuum lines of three-point type.Meanwhile,each line carries vacuum regulating system and vacuum display system that realize even and stable vacuum degree of plate surface.
haulf off machine for PP corrugated sheet machine
Haul off machine
There are two tractor.The first one is high power,high reduction ratio,multi-roller type,well low-speed operation,high traction and is able to draw the plate up from the calibrating table evenly and synchronal.The second one is designed to remove stress,and in addition it is equipped with edge-cutting device to ensure the valid width and smooth cut of the edges.
Oven machine for PP corrugated sheet machine
Oven machine
The advanced large area conductive heating mode can effectively remove the stress of plate and further improve planeness of the plate.
Corona treatment for PP sheet machine

Corona machiner

In order to improve the surface tension of the hollow sheet surface, and thereby improve the printing ink fastness, the hollow corrugated sheet surface will under corona treatment, so that the surface produces micro-concave dense holes, plastic surface roughening, increase the surface activity.

Haul off machine for PP sheet machine

The second one is designed to remove stress,and in addition it is equipped with edge-cutting device to ensure the valid width and smooth cut of the edges.

Cutting machine for PP sheet machine

Accurate instant length-fixed cutting and automatic up-down discharging system combined with alloy steel sharp blade realize high quality of cutting.