1700mm SJ120 Plastic PP corrugated board extruder making machine for sale

Group PP PE PC Plastic Hollow Sheet Extrusion Machine
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2019-11-14
Item specifics
Sheet width1700mm
Sheet thickness2mm to 12mm
Main extruderSJ120/36
Production speed0.3-6m/min
Production capacity230kg/g-260kg/h
Main motor power90kw
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I,Machine details for the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP corrugated sheet single screw extruder
1,PP corrugated sheet single screw extruder

PP hollow sheet making mold
2,PP hollow sheet making mold

Six roller haul off for PP hollow corrugated sheet
3,Six roller haul off for PP hollow corrugated sheet

Oven for plastic hollow sheet
4,Oven for plastic hollow sheet

second haul off device
5,Three roller haul off for plastic corrugated sheet

PP sheet cutting machine
6,Automatic cutting machine

II, Tongsan 1700mm single screw extruder plastic corrugated sheet making machine  running video

Qingdao Tongsan hollow corrugated sheet making machine can produce the sheet with the width of 1220-2800mm and thickness of 1.5mm-12mm.

III, Our service for plastic corrugated sheet making machine project,whatsapp/wechat: 0086 15063923327

pp hollow corrugated sheet making machine project
IV, Tongsan professional for plastic hollow corrugated board extruder
Tongsan professional for plastic hollow corrugated board extruder

Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Machinery co.,td have been develop the PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine since 2015,now we have the machines for the PP hollow grid plate  width from 1220mm to 2450mm and thickness from 1.5mm to 12mm.

We have different model production line,such as the 1400 type PP hollow sheet extruder machine,1860 type PP corrugated sheet production line,2300 type PP hollow corrugated board making machine,2600type plastic hollow grid panel making machine,and for each model,we have the co-extrusion type for customer choose.

The co-extruder type can use 20%-60% fillermatch for reduce the cost,so our customer can product the cost competitiveness sheet with good quality.Our machine have the advantage of high output,easy operation,high precision,good products with smooth surface straight rib.

Tongsan PP hollow sheet Certification
V,Our service,Contact us:phone/whatsapp/wechat: 0086 15063923327

Our service

1,We have all series plastic hollow corrugated sheet making machine in production,warmly welcome to visit our factory for machine running.The machine running is the best prove of the machines' quality ,the good quality machine is the granulating for the high effective production.


2,We can testing the machine according customer's formula.One is the customer can  inspect the quality of our machine,another is the customer can  check the quality of the products,so it is easy to calculate the cost of the sheet and the production capacity of our machines.So it's easy to calculate the investment pay back and increase the feasibility of the project.


3,We are professional for the auxiliary machine for sheet raw material making and plastic boxes making.We can provide the plastic filler masterbatch granulating making machine,the wast sheet crusher,the raw material mixing machine,the die cutting machine,the corona treatment machine,the sheet printing machine,the welding / bookbind machine .


4,Our engineer oversee installation and debugging ,our engineer with rich experience and  will teach customer's worker about the operating one by one.And we provide long life time technical support.