Good Quality PVC WPC Doors Making Machine Manufacturer Price
Good Quality PVC WPC Doors Making Machine Manufacturer Price
Good Quality PVC WPC Doors Making Machine Manufacturer Price
Good Quality PVC WPC Doors Making Machine Manufacturer Price
Good Quality PVC WPC Doors Making Machine Manufacturer Price
Good Quality PVC WPC Doors Making Machine Manufacturer Price
US $140000-155000
Min. Order
1 piece

Item specifics

Extruder type
Conical double screw extruder
Extruder model
Raw material
PVC +wood powder+attitives
Door panel width
Door panel thickness
Main motor power
Temperature Controller
Surface treatment
Laminting or painting
Production time
60-90 days
pay terms
30% down payment +70% balance
warranty period
12 months

Product review


Product Description
We have the complete WPC PVC DOOR MAKING machines in our factory stock now. we have rich experience for providing turnkey project
for WPC door making machine to dfifferent countries. if you are interested, we can also take you to visit our customer's factory to check the processing for making complete WPC doors from raw material to final product.

PVC WPC profile extrusion line
The PVC WPC profile extrusion line is suitable for producing hollow or solid PVC WPC foaming profiles. This profiles have advantages of fireproof, waterproof, anticaustic, moisture proof, moth proof, mildew proof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The profiles are widely used in the fields of interior decoration, furniture making, such as door frame, skirting, photo frame, plastic door and window profiles.
ModelProfile WidthExtruder modelMotor powerMax.extrusion capacityCalibrating platform length
HGMSC-600600mm65/13 or 80/15637 or 75kw150-350kg/h6000mm

PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
PVC WPC door panel extrusion line

PVC WPC door panel extrusion line is for producing preparatory PVC WPC door panel. We can provide the turnkey project for integrated door panel and door frame. The whole production line includs the PVC WPC door frame extrusion line. WPC door panel extrusion line and subsequent processing equipment. The PVC WPC door has the advantage of fireproof, waterproof, anticaustic, moisture proof, moth proof, mildew proof and environmentally friendly. The PVC WPC doors can be widely used in interior doors, hospital ward doors, school classroom door, various styles can be customized.
ModelDoor panel widthDoor panel thicknessExtruder modelMotor powerMax extrusion capacityCalibrating mould section
HGMSM-80080020-50mmSJMS 80/15675kw350-380kg/h2
HGMSM-1000100020-50mmSJMS 92/188110kw450-500kg/h3
HGMSM-1200120020-50mmSJMS 92/188110kw450-500kg/h3
PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
WPC door plant
Machine name
wood powder making machine
80-100 mesh
WPC mixing machine
two sets
WPC door frame extrusion line
with customized molds
WPC door panel extrusion line
with customized molds
WPC door frame lamination machine
Better use PUR lamination
WPC door panel lamination machine
Better use PUR lamination
Vacuum lamination machine
for laminate unflate surface
Film cutting machine
cut lamination film
WPC door sanding machine
better to use water sanding
WPC door engraving machine
2-4 axies
Length and angle cutting machine
precision cutting
WPC door edge milling machine
vertical milling
Lock and hingle holes drilling machine
double head drilling
Protection film coating machine
double face coating
PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
Auxiliary equipment for material treatment
Wood powder milling machine
The wood powder milling machine is composed of rough crushing device, storagebin, miller part, rotational flow tank, pulse dust collector, etc. This machine can continuously produce the wood powder in 40-100 mesh. The wood powder can be used to make WPC products.
Suitable materialPlant straw ,wood chips
Moisture content<10%
Max capacity250-320kg/h400-480kg/h
Install power90kw130kw

PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
Wood powder dryer
The newly designed wood powder dryer is improved with electromagnetic heating instead of the previous hot air heating. Besides the machine adopts the screw pushing design and solve the material bridging problems, and also prevents the combustion and explosion might caused by excess temperature. The production efficiency has been improved by about 50%.
Drying motor power≥3%
Heating type electromagnetism
Install power95kw120kw

PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
Wood Plastic Mixer
SHR series Plastic mixer is suitable for mixing,drying and coloring PVC/WPC etc material.
Total volume200/500300/600500/1000800/16001000/2000
Effective volume120/300180/360300/600480/1000600/1200
Mixing time8-15min8-15min8-15min8-15min8-15min
Cooling time10-15min10-15min10-15min12-18min12-18
Hot mixer motor power30/42kw40/55kw47-67kw90KW110kw

PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer

WPC door making processing machines
This WPC door manufacturing process machine is used for making WPC door panels from PVC and wood powder, the WPC hollow panel can be used either inner and outer door panel, partition, windowsill centralizes the characters of both plastic and wood, and also overcomes the shortage of wood, such as water -proof, corrosion resisting, anti-moth, anti-aging, static-free, and flame retarded.
 PVC door panel making machine UPVC door sheet machine WPC door production line

This WPC PVC door production line is applicable to the continuous extruding of WPC/PVC door panel, clapboard 'elbow board. Proper double screw extruder, specially used for extruding wood plastic products, should be chosen in accordance with the panel section, application, and product specific gravity. Also the corresponding auxiliary machines such as vacuum calibrating platform, hauling off machine, cutting off machine, material reversing platform,etc. are equipped. Products of diversified specification can be produced with different dies.

PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
Relate machines
Qingdao Tongsan Plastic Macxhinery CO.,LTD is professional for the Whole WPC production line with turnkey Project Service since 1997.We have all the WPC machines in factory stock and can be tested at anytime.
We have different type of WPC machines to make different WPC products from different raw material,
1, PVC WPC profile machine:
Material: 50%PVC+20% wood+20% caco3+ Chemical additives.
Product: WPC door frame, WPC wall panel, WPC decoration profiles indoor.

2, PVC WPC door machine:
Material:50% PVC+20% wood+20% caco3 +Chemical additives.
Product: Hollow Door panel, Cabinet Door, and other big profiles

3, PVC WPC board machine:
Material: 60% PVC+10% wood +20% CaCo3+ Chemical additives.
Product: Solid door panel, Furniture board, partition wall panel, decoration solid panel.
Board thickness  5-18mm3-30mm20-40mm
Board width1220mm1220mm1220mm
Max extrusion capacity350-380kg/h420-450kg/h500-550kg/h
Motor power75kw90kw110kw
PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer

4, PP PE WPC granulating machiner
Material: recycled 30% PP/PE+70% wood powder+chemical additives.
Product: WPC decking, WPC wall cladding, WPC fence, WPC pergola..
ModelL/D ratioMax.capacityMotor powerSuitable materialMax.rotating speedWood powder percentage
SHMS-6540:1200-220kg/h75kwPe+wood powder500r/min≤75%
SHMS-7540:1300-350kg/h90kwPe+wood powder500r/min≤75%
SHMS-9040:1500-600kg/h132kwPe+wood powder500r/min≤75%
PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
5,PP PE WPC profiles machine
HGMSE series PP/PE WPC profile production line can continuously produce PP/PE WPC profile. The WPC profile adopts two -step production process. The granulating machine make WPC pellets using PP/PE recycled materials, wood powder and auxiliary agent. Then use this production line produce WPC profile.Customers can choose embossing machine for the production line to achieve 3D pattern performance.Customers can also make PE WPC single color or double color co-extrusion profile by adding extruders.The profile produced by this production line can be sanded and brushed by sanding machine and brushing machine.   
Extruder modelSJMS65/132SJMS 80/156
Motor power37kw75kw
Mac.Extrusion capacity140-160kg/h220-250kg/h
PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer

Our service
Before order
1,Customized the production line and auxiliary machine according final products,and show all technical parameter to buyer,provide the turnkey project to customer.
2,Free machine running when customer visit our factory for quality inspection .
3, Design the mold drawing according customer requirements.
4,Design the machine layout and water and electricity layout according buy factory.
5,Any technical parameter support if customer in need.

In production
1,Confirm the mold drawing after received the down payment.
2,Start the product asap and updates the production status every 10 days.
3,Confirm the water and electricity layout and other accessories,ensure plant preparations well before the machines arrives.
4,Determine raw material preparation in customer factory.
5,Within 60 working days after receiving the advance payment, the seller shall notify the buyer to carry out the inspection
6,Arrange machine and mold testing to ensure customer or third party inspection satisfaction.
7,The seller shall complete the packing of the goods within 15 working days after receiving the full payment and be ready to ship.
8,The seller shall inform the buyer of the exact loading time and the buyer shall arrange to supervise the scope of the loading.

Machine in customer factory
1,After determining the date of the machine arrived customer's factory, arrange our professional engineer to install and debug the machine.
2,What the engineer should to do at the customer's plant:
2.1 Quickly install, debug the machine to normal operation and ensure product good quality products.
2,2 Provide the formula for production.
2.3 Teach workers how to use and maintain machines,solutions to daily problems in production
2.4Any production technical support for customer need.
3,Technical support online
  If any problems when production we will reply online asap,within 24 hours to give the solution.
4, Warranty
4.1 Warranty period: 12 months from the first day of operation of the machine in the customer's warehouse
 4.2  The seller shall guarantee that service and spare parts are free of charge throughout the warranty period of the equipment.
4.3Lifetime service: After the 12-month warranty clause, the seller should provide lifelong service for the goods sold and provide the buyer with the payment for the required spare parts.

1. Why choose us
We are the first manufacturer in Qingdao to develop plastic extruders. We have 22 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing. What we pursue is machine quality and customer satisfaction. Please make sure that we have the strength to provide you with high-quality machines and perfect services.

2. What service do we provide?
Turnkry project service, 24-hour online technical service.

3. Payment terms
30% of the total amount should be paid by wire transfer as a down payment, and the balance (70% of the total amount) should be paid (at sight) before the delivery of the wire transfer or irrevocable letter of credit

4. Delivery terms:
4.1 Delivery terms: FOB Qingdao Port.
4.2 Delivery deadline: within 60 working days after receiving the advance payment, the seller shall notify the buyer to inspect. The seller should complete the packaging of the goods within 15 working days after receiving the full payment and be ready for shipment.
4.3 Loading supervision: The seller should inform the buyer of the exact loading time, and the buyer should arrange a time for supervision of the loading.

5. Warranty terms:
5.1 Warranty period: 12 months from the first day of operation of the machine in the customer's warehouse
5.2 The seller shall guarantee that the service and spare parts are free during the entire equipment warranty period.
5.3 LIFELONG service: The seller shall provide LIFELONG service (sold goods) after the 12-month warranty, and the buyer shall pay for the required spare parts.

6. Inspection:
After the machine is completed, the seller should notify the buyer to inspect before delivery, and the seller guarantees that all the goods sold are of good quality. The seller does not bear the material cost of the machine inspection in the seller's factory. The buyer should come to the seller's factory for inspection, or the buyer can invite any third party to enter the seller's factory for inspection.

7. Installation and equipment debugging:
If the buyer needs it, the seller should send a team of technicians to the buyer's factory for installation and testing, and the buyer should release the knowledge of the entire food/location and surrounding traces (aircraft, food, hotel, etc.), and charge the engineer $100 /Day/engineer's cost.
Other products
1. single wall corrugated pipe making machine (ID 4.5mm- OD160mm);

2. double wall corruagted pipe making machine  (ID 40mm- OD 300mm);

3. plastic pipe making machineID 12- OD 400mm) (PP,PE,PVC,PPR);

4.plastic sheet making machine (thickness=1-8mm) (ABS,HIPS,PP,PE,PMMA,GPPS);

5, Plastic hollow sheet making machine (1.5 -6 mm) (recycled plastic)

6. Plastic recycling granulating machine(PP,PE PVC)

7. WPC granulating machines
8.PVC WPC window profiles,door frames,decking making machine

9,PVC WPC door panel making machine

10 ,wpc foam board making machine

11,PVC ceiling machine

12, Auxiliary machine:Crusher,milling machine,embossing machine,sanding machine,brushing machine,CNC engraving machine,laminating machine,hot stamping machine,PVC window processing machine, doors making machine.

PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer

About our company
PVC WPC Door Making Machine Manufacturer
Our customer
PakistanQatarSaudi ArabiaSriLankaTurkey
UAEVietnameseYemenSouth Korea 
EgyptDjiboutiEthiopiaSouth AfricaCote Divoire

Our advantage
A.22 years manufacturer for plastic extruder machines,
B.50 professional engineer 
C,5Q Strict quality control with CE
D.20+ years Professional Foreign Trade Service
E,Free machine running
F,Turnkey project service

Quality is Our Culture
Since 1997,Qingdao Tongsan has been focusing on plastic extrusion machines .Now have the corrugated pipe machine serious,plastic hollow sheet machines,plastic pipe serious,plastic sheet serious.Our professional engineer always committed to the improvement of machine quality

Customer satisfaction is our pursue
All behaviors will be based on better and more considerately meeting the needs of consumer to offer customized service.

Turnkey Service Provider
Let customer experience a sense of entitle,respond within 24 hours,solve problem within 48 hours.We will work 24hours*7days for the after-sell service.

Pursuit of Excellence
Devoting to the research,development and production of various plastic extrusion machines.It is always making innovations and keeping up with the times.

Our Main Machine

Single wall corrugated pipe machine

Doube wall corrugated pipe machine

PP PE PC Plastic corrugated hollow sheet making machine

PVC Plastic window profiles making machine

PVC WPC door frame making machine

PE WPC Profiles making machine

PVC WPC foam board making machine

Wood plastic composite doors making machine