4.5-160mm plastic single wall corrugated pipe making machine

Group Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Making Machine
PriceUS $18000-78000 / piece
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Update Time 2020-11-11
Item specifics
Suitable raw materialPP PE PVC EVA PA
Pipe diameter4.5-160mm
Extruder modelSJM45/50/65/75/90
Main motor11/15/30/37/45kw
Extruder capacity10-120kg/h
Line speed6-12m/min
Mold block raw material40 Cr
Mold block quantity42/50/63/72 pairs
Cooling typeAir cooling
Pipe applicationsingle wall corrugated pipe
Winder devicedouble position winder
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Plastic corrugated pipe mold block manufacturer

01, Customized processing of plastic corrugated pipe mold
Our company has professional mold designers and mold processing equipment. Various corrugated forming modules, heterosexual bellows modules, and corrugated mold lettering can be processed according to customer requirements. The module uses special die steel,which has high hardness and strong wear resistance.

02, single screw extruder modification
The single-screw extruder of the melt-blown cloth equipment can be converted into a corrugated pipe production equipment with our corrugated pipe forming machine. We will provide a free modification project report and send professional engineers to the
customer's factory to guide the installation and commissioning, and provide worry-free after-sales .

03. Domestic trade and export business of the whole machine
Our company has single-wall and double-wall PP, PE, EVA, PVC corrugated pipe production equipment of various specifications, all components adopt export configuration, Siemens motors, ABB frequency converters, Omron temperature controllers, and engineers can be arranged for debugging abroad.

Tongsan Efficient Energy Saving PP PE PVC PA EVA Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder Machine Manufacturer Price

Single wall corrugated pipe machine

We have 22 years experience for the single wall corrugated pipe machine,our machines are suitable for the corrugated pipe range from 4.5mm to 160mm,our high speed type can reach 25m/min.We have sold more than 100 sets of corrugated pipe machines to 30 countries and regions

SJDBGZ Series Plastic Single-wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
The machine to produce corrugated pipes of PE\PP\EVA\PVC\PA\nylon.This production line with good performance and reasonable price,it will be the best choice for your producing single-wall corrugated pipe.

Tongsan Efficient Energy Saving PP PE PVC PA EVA Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder Machine Manufacturer Price
Details for plastic corrugated pipe machine
1,Automatic feeder with dryer

In order to save manpower and efficient work, each extruder is equipped with an automatic feeder which  can be set to either automatic loading or manual feeding. Automatic feeding ensures continuous production and no downtime due to lack of raw materials.On the other hand, the dryer can be kept full of materials and the drying effect will be very excellent.Automatic material loading facility to extruder hopper necessary to be included.

Tongsan Efficient Energy Saving PP PE PVC PA EVA Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder Machine Manufacturer Price
2,Main single screw extruder

The extruder consist of the screw pole, cylinder, reducer, extruder head's stand, the water and wind cooling system, the lubricating system, temperature-controlling system, speed-changing cabinet etc.All the parts be made by reputed manufacturer and the reputed supplier brand.
We adopt special screw for different raw material and different pipe diameter, so the raw material can be well plasticization and get goo quality pipes.The extruder will suit many standards and applications in the corrugated pipe manufacturing. A unique screw and barrel combination, perfected through theoretical studies.The screw pole will be made of alloy steel and processed nitrogenous. It will have excellent ability of hardness. At the same time, it will be wear-resisting and corrosion-resisting.

Energy efficient generators come from the Siemens brand. Moreover, the motor and the reducer are directly connected through the coupling, which service life is longer.

3,Forming machine

We have two type of forming machine according the module connection method.One is the module block assembled through the chain shaft,and the chain pieces, then drive by the gears to move on the bottom plate.The bottom plate can be cooling by circled water and the mold block can be cooling by the fan air.
The other is the high speed type,all the module block been arranged on the track of the forming machine, there are driven by the up and down double gears to run in a high speed.The module can be cooling by both water and fan air.Efficient cooling ensures the module  block cooling down quickly, so it is easy to get good quality of the single wall corrugated pipe in high speed production.

Based on the tube type requirements of the corrugated pipes, we have developed a vacuum forming system to ensure the production of various shaped pipes.Our single wall corrugated pipe machines can produce fixed length inlet pipes and drains for washing machines, and can produce shrinkable pipes with joints ,round and flat  prestressed  plastic corrugated pipes,etc.

Tongsan Efficient Energy Saving PP PE PVC PA EVA Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder Machine Manufacturer Price

1.Water cooling under template, wind cooling on machine two sides.Two types cooling method to guarantee
Production speed2.Vacuum forming to guarantee good product quality.

4,Mould block:

We have professional mold design technicians,mold processing machines,machining center machines.We can design and process kinds of corrugated pipe module block,corrugated pipe joint module blocks,letter engraving module blocks and other types corrugated pipe block for any kinds of corrugated pipe according customer's requirements.All the module blocks are specialized grinding apparatus steel,which is of high hardness and strong wear resistance.

We have been committed to the research, continuous development and innovation of corrugated pipe production equipment.We can  design and make the production lines according to customer requirements.Such as the corrugated pipe outer layer with coating production line,the corrugated pipe with steel line pass through device.

Tongsan Efficient Energy Saving PP PE PVC PA EVA Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder Machine Manufacturer Price

1.Make mould by our own CNC machine to control the whole line quality2.Mould material:40Cr with vacuum channel
3.Mould design:According to customer request

5,Automatic double position winder

We can provide the whole line for corrugated pipe making machine.Such as ,the automatic corrugated pipe winding machine which adopt polishing rod wire traverse for winding displacement.The automatic cutting machine is  a  special cuter for the car harness single wall corrugated pipes.The automatic tapping machine is special used for car harness and electrical wire protective conduit.The automatic shrinkable device for the single wall corrugated drain pipe.
We provide dies, heater,thermocouple, high temperature plug ,guiders,  and other related necessary tools of very high quality and long time usable for producing of different types of single wall corrugated pipes.Machine operation related tools (complete set) for opening and closing of extruder screw, head & other related parts will have to be supplied along with the machine

Tongsan Efficient Energy Saving PP PE PVC PA EVA Plastic Single Wall Corrugated Flexible Pipe Extruder Machine Manufacturer Price

6,Electrical cabinet

It can choose the  PLC type controller
1,Main power will  be controlled by ABB inventer
2,the equipment will adopt industrial computer or operation display (with touch screen facility) and programmable logic control (that is IPC+PLC mode) to realize the line's synchronized running and the independent operation including alarm system.
3,The production operation and the parameter set including zone temp setting and display will be carried out through the touch screen display.
4,The production state collection and progress control will be realized on PLC, such as the motor start-up and stop, the given signal, Current, the motor speed and so on.
5,The Display will communicate with PLC, which can realize the production operation, the warning display, the line's emergency and other functions.
6,PLC based Synchronising system for the  extruder and forming machine.
7,The display will be installed in the electrical cabinet, rationally and gracefully.
8,PLC (programmable logic control) will adopt high-quality Siemens series products
9,The machine will also adopt AC converters, air-switch, contactor and other main low-pressure products of Siemens products or other reputed suitable brand.
10,The machine will also adopt RKC, Japan temperature measuring unit or other suitable reputed brand.
11,The heat power control will have to be use by solid-state relays.
12,The power can be supplied from three-phase and five-wire syste