16-25mm small diameter PE pipe making machine
16-25mm small diameter PE pipe making machine
16-25mm small diameter PE pipe making machine
16-25mm small diameter PE pipe making machine
16-25mm small diameter PE pipe making machine
16-25mm small diameter PE pipe making machine

Item specifics

Pipe diameter
Main extruder
Extruder motor
Production speed
Motor brand
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Product Description

hdpe pipe manufacturing machine,plastic pipe production line polypropylene pipes

With this PE production line you can extrude high quality large diameter water and gas supply pipes .This pipes produced by our line have excellent stiffness and flexibility ,resistance to creep deformation ,excellent heat-linkage .Large dismeter HDPE pipes start to play very important role in the city water and gas supply systems.

We have differen model of PE pipe machine for making 16-630mm PE pipe

Extruder model
Pipe diameter
Plastic PP PE PPR Pipe Extruder / HDPE Pipe Machine /Plastic Pipe Machine Extruder Manufacturer Price with Ce

Details for HDPE PP PPR pipe machine

1. Process flow: 

Plastic granules → Vacuum feeding →Single screw extruder → Co-extruder for mark line→ mould → vacuum tank →water cooling tank  → haul off machine → cutting machine → stacker or automatic belling winder machine

1.Single screw extruder and mark line co-extruder

2.Die head. Due to the diameter, it can be design according customer requirments

3.Vacuum tank and water cooling tank: due to diameter, it can be designing of single, double vacuum chambers

4.Haul-offs: due to diameter, it can be designing of double, three, four, six, eight caterpillars 

5.Cutter: due to diameter, it can be designing of saw cutter or planetary cutter

6.Stacker or automatic winder machine

2,Machine list
Equipment list for PP PE PPR  pipe manufacturing plant
Mixing machine
1 set
Auto feeder
2 sets
Single screw extruder
1 set
Die head and sizing mold
1st vacuum cooling tank
1 set
2nd  water cooling tank
1 set
haul off device
1 set
auto cutting machine
1 set
Laser printer or ink jet printer
1 set
Plastic pipe stacker
1 set
Plastic pipe automatic winder machine 
1 set
Waste products crushing machine
1 set
Spare pparts for production line
1 set
Air compressor
1 set
Water chiller
1 set

3,Plastic pipe making machine details

1, High effective single screw extruder with PLC control system.
it equipped with auto feeding and auto drying system.
the co-extruder can make the marking line on the pipe.
2, Professional designed Die head and mold.
designed for 1-4 marking lines for Water supplying PE pipe production
3, fast cooling water spraying tank and vacuum cooling tank
4, Strong force haul off machine for stably production, and automatic cutting machine without dust
5, PE pipe automatic stacking device, high quality PE water pipe made by our machine
Plastic PP PE PPR Pipe Extruder / HDPE Pipe Machine /Plastic Pipe Machine Extruder Manufacturer Price with Ce

About HDPE Pipe Application
HDPE pipe is a replacement product of traditional steel pipe and PVC drinking water pipe.

HDPE pipes must bear a certain pressure. PE resins with high molecular weight and good mechanical properties are usually used, such as HDPE resins. LDPE resin has low tensile strength, differential pressure resistance, poor rigidity, poor dimensional stability during molding and difficult connection, and is not suitable as a material for water supply pressure pipes. However, due to its high hygienic index, LDPE especially LLDPE resin has become a common material for the production of drinking water pipes. LDPE and LLDPE resins have low melt viscosity, good fluidity and easy processing, so their melt index can be selected in a wide range, usually with MI between 0.3-3g/10min.

HDPE pipe is a good pipeline. It should not only have good economy, but also have a series of advantages such as stable and reliable interface, impact resistance, crack resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Compared with traditional pipes, HDPE piping system has The following series of advantages:

1,Reliable connection: The polyethylene pipe system is connected by electric heat melting, and the strength of the joint is higher than the strength of the pipe body.

2,Good low-temperature impact resistance: The low-temperature embrittlement temperature of polyethylene is extremely low, and it can be used safely in the temperature range of -60-60ºC. During construction in winter, because the material has good impact resistance, the pipe will not be brittle.

3,Good stress crack resistance: HDPE has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent scratch resistance, and its environmental stress crack resistance is also very outstanding.

4,Good chemical resistance: HDPE pipelines can withstand the corrosion of a variety of chemical media, and the chemical substances in the soil will not cause any degradation to the pipeline. Polyethylene is an electrical insulator, so it will not rot, rust or electrochemical corrosion; in addition, it will not promote the growth of algae, bacteria or fungi.

5,Aging resistance and long service life: The polyethylene pipe containing 2-2.5% evenly distributed carbon black can be stored or used outdoors for 50 years without being damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

6,Good wear resistance: The comparison test of the wear resistance of HDPE pipes and steel pipes shows that the wear resistance of HDPE pipes is 4 times that of steel pipes. In the field of mud transportation, HDPE pipes have better wear resistance than steel pipes, which means that HDPE pipes have a longer service life and better economy.

7,Good flexibility: The flexibility of HDPE pipeline makes it easy to bend. In engineering, obstacles can be bypassed by changing the direction of the pipeline. In many cases, the flexibility of the pipeline can reduce the amount of pipe fittings and reduce installation costs.

8,Small water flow resistance: HDPE pipe has a smooth inner surface, and its Manning coefficient is 0.009. The smooth performance and non-adhesive characteristics ensure that HDPE pipes have a higher conveying capacity than traditional pipes, and also reduce the pressure loss of the pipeline and the energy consumption of water transmission.

9,Convenient handling: HDPE pipes are lighter than concrete pipes, galvanized pipes and steel pipes. It is easy to handle and install. Lower manpower and equipment requirements mean that the installation cost of the project is greatly reduced.

10,Various new construction methods: HDPE pipeline has a variety of construction technologies. In addition to traditional excavation methods, it can also use a variety of new non-excavation technologies such as pipe jacking, directional drilling, liner, It is a good choice for some places where excavation is not allowed.

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Plastic PP PE PPR Pipe Extruder / HDPE Pipe Machine /Plastic Pipe Machine Extruder Manufacturer Price with Ce
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Plastic PP PE PPR Pipe Extruder / HDPE Pipe Machine /Plastic Pipe Machine Extruder Manufacturer Price with Ce

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Since 1997,Qingdao Tongsan has been focusing on plastic extrusion machines .Now have the corrugated pipe machine serious,plastic hollow sheet machines,plastic pipe serious,plastic sheet serious.Our professional engineer always committed to the improvement of machine quality

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All behaviors will be based on better and more considerately meeting the needs of consumer to offer customized service.

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Devoting to the research,development and production of various plastic extrusion machines.It is always making innovations and keeping up with the times.

1. Why choose us

We are the first manufacturer in Qingdao to develop plastic extruders. We have 22 years of experience in mechanical manufacturing. What we pursue is machine quality and customer satisfaction.
We only choose qualified supplier -- Tongsan excellent partner
We work closely with world famous brand,your equipment can also be equipped with any famous brand as you wish,such as  Siemens motor,ABB inventer,Omron 
temperature controller, Schneider electric devices,etc.

2. What service do we provide?
Perfect service system:
1.We will provide the Feasibility Analysis Report for your project.
2.We will provide the model selection and technical parameter of  our  machinery.
3.We will provide the design for the plant and electric power accounting for the facilities.
4.We will provide the design for plastic formula according to the products requirement.
5.We will provide the technology of plastic product surface treatment if need.
6.We will provide technique training for your operator.
7.We will provide solution for the production problem .
8.We will install and  test the machine in customer's factory.
9.We will provide turnkey project to customers. 

3. Payment terms
30% of the total amount should be paid by wire transfer as a down payment, and the balance (70% of the total amount) should be paid (at sight) before the delivery of the wire transfer or irrevocable letter of credit

4. Delivery terms:
4.1 Delivery terms: FOB Qingdao Port.
4.2 Delivery deadline: within 30-60 working days after receiving the advance payment, the seller shall notify the buyer to inspect. The seller should complete the packaging of the goods within 15 working days after receiving the full payment and be ready for shipment.
4.3 Supervised loading: The seller should inform the buyer of the exact loading time, and the buyer should arrange the scope of supervised loading.

5. Warranty terms:
5.1 Warranty period: 12 months from the first day of operation of the machine in the customer's warehouse
5.2 The seller shall guarantee that the service and spare parts are free of charge during the entire equipment warranty period.
5.3 LIFELONG service: After the 12-month warranty, the seller shall provide LIFELONG service for the sold goods, and the buyer shall pay for the required spare parts.

6. Inspection :
After the machine is completed, the seller should notify the buyer to inspect before delivery, and the seller guarantees that all the goods sold are of good quality. The seller does not bear the material cost of the machine inspection in the seller's factory. The buyer should come to the seller's factory for inspection, or the buyer can invite any third party to enter the seller's factory for inspection.

7. Installation and equipment debugging:
If the buyer needs it, the seller should send a team of technicians to the buyer's factory for full-line operation of installation and testing, and the buyer should lift the price of the entire food/location and group purchase information (aircraft, food, hotel, etc.), and charge the engineer 100 USD/day/engineer's cost.