2600 type high output PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
2600 type  high output PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
2600 type  high output PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
2600 type  high output PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
2600 type  high output PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
2600 type  high output PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine

Item specifics

Main motor
Max. output
Max. width
Sheet thickness
Max.Line speed
Delivert time
40-60 days
Motor brand
Siemens Beide
ABB 580

Product review


1220mm-2800mm PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
PP hollow corrugated sheet making machine
This production line realizes continuous production of PC/PE/PP hollow grid plate, which is applicable to construction decoration, advertisement collocation, and noise insulation of highway as well as packaging. PE/PP hollow grid plate is an ideal substitute for paper box in making packaging box. It is characterized by light weight, high intensity, dampproof, and anticorrosion. The width of the products is 1220-2800mm, and the thickness is 1mm-12mm.

Model Sheet width Sheet thickness Extruder model Motor powder 
Detailed Images for PP hollow corrugated sheet machine

Extruder with feeder.

Extruder for pp hollow sheet machine: The specially designed screw and the advanced controlling system ensure excellent
plasticization, high output and stable extruding.

Hydraulic Quick Screen changer

Screen changer for pp hollow sheet machine : Quick screen changer of hydraulic system ensures the short course of screen changing.
Double-position combined with special sealing structure guarantee stable operation of screen changer.

Forming Die

Mold for pp hollow sheet machine: Mould adopts high-quality alloy steel and throttling device to ensure even pressure of feed influent at the mould lips, and also differential action of up-down piece guarantee even thickness of the plate.

Main Calibrating device

Cooling Water Circulation System

Cooling and calibrating device.

Vacuum calibrating table for PP hollow sheet machine: Heating exchanging and cooling system of quick speed in calibrating system alternate effectively and ordinally with vacuum system, which ensures calibrating precision. Vacuum system composes two independent subsystems and each is equipped with several fixed circulating vacuum lines of three-point type. Meanwhile, each line carries vacuum regulating system and vacuum display system that realize even and stable vacuum degree of plate surface.

1st Pull off machine

Tractor for PP hollow sheet machine: There are two tractors. The first one is high power, high reduction ratio, multi-roller type, well low-speed operation, high traction and is able to draw the plate up from the calibrating table evenly and synchronal. 

Heating oven device

Stress remover corona treatment device for PP hollow sheet machine:The advanced large area conductive heating mode can effectively
remove the stress of plate and further improve planeness of the plate.

2nd Pull off machine

The second one is designed to remove stress, and in addition it is equipped with edge-cutting device to ensure the valid width and
smooth cut of the edges.

Automatic length cutter

Auto Cutting machine for PP hollow sheet machine: Accurate instant length-fixed cutting and automatic up-down discharging system combined with alloy steel sharp blade realize high quality of cutting.

Electric control system.

ABB inverter
Siemens contractor
Siemens PLC control
Omron temperature control
Siemens motor

Corona treatment device

It is necessary to use corona tretament machine for PP hollow corrugated sheet, it can help the surface to be better printed. our corona treatment device is high quality with strong corona effect

Our advantage of PP hollow grid sheet making machine

1,We adopt fan cooling style, the cooling speed can be fast.So it won't shrink after cutting, it can effectively reduce the error.And the speed of production can be more fast.

2,The oven's material is 201# stain steel,there are total 4 meters with two 2 meter oven.The customer can choose to use one or two according the product need.

3,Our company is the only one who adopt imported rubber roller which softness is more suitable for hollow grid sheet.The friction force of the rubber roller is more strong ,more durable and longer lasting.

4,The cutter adopt SERVO motor from Japan

5,The paul off machine adopt helical gear

6,The mold from GELL adopt special steel which made with Italian formula technology ,it has the characteristics of memory rebound.The mold is more wear-resistant and the service life is several times longer than ordinary mold.

7,One set mold can produce different thickness range ,such as 2mm-5mm,5mm-8mm,8mm-12mm,just by change the center of the mold.

8,The screen changer adopt silk screen circulation, altogether 4 pcs silk screen, 3 normal use, 1 standby . It does not need to stop when changing the silk screen .

9, The production line adopting the co-extrusion mode,so the recycled material (80 %-90 %) can be used in the middle, and new material can be used for the surface. The product has smooth surface which no visible difference to the naked eye, so it can reduce a lot of costs.

10,Our equipment has a good look. The wire is convenient to connect and the plug is easy to identify with the mark number.

11,There are 6 rollers on the front haul off machine and 3 rollers on the second haul off machine ,so the production line is more stable.

12,The haul off machine and the calibrating platform are on the same guide rail for convenient synchronous alignment adjustment.